Montessori School of Ojai


Rick Smith

Why Public School Failed our Child –

We’re the proud parents of two non‐normal children. We say this because we believe there is no such thing as a “normal” child. Each and every child is a unique creation that defies such a broad categorization.

Our oldest child does quite well in Ojai’s public school system. He sits when they say sit, marches when they say march, and the last thing he would want to be is different from all the other children. We also support the school by being active in the PTO to help make his experience there better.

Our other child is more of a free spirit. Right away we started having difficulties fitting him in the structure of the public school system. It was a trying time for our family as we struggled to have him “fit in” to the program. A class size of thirty‐five didn’t help the situation either. After being told we would have to wait over 2 months for an intervention team to assess the situation we decided to look into other options and that’s what brought us to Montessori School of Ojai.

The change in our child was immediate and pronounced. Janet understood our child’s behavior better than we did in some ways and was able to communicate with him and bring out the best in him. We also like the way the school is able to adapt to children’s different learning speeds and abilities. Our child has been able to advance when he was academically ready but also socially. The classroom environment allows for advanced learners as well as for those who need more time in some areas. This combined with the Montessori Method of teaching has greatly helped our child to succeed in learning. The small class size and personal attention has also greatly helped in learning and having a positive experience while at school. The school location is also very helpful being centrally located in the valley which really helps with the logistics of getting back and forth. All in all, the school has changed our family’s life for the better and we actively support the school because of the benefits we receive and the success it has brought to our child.”

Rick Smith