Montessori School of Ojai


Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary School Year

Upper Elementary students will extend skills that have been introduced in earlier years such as prolonged concentration, independent work, participating in the classroom community, and higher level thinking. Self-esteem is a primary concern and teachers are trained to teach respect and positive values.

We emphasize reading, creative writing, geography, history, biology, language, mathematics (including algebra and geometry), science, garden, music and art. The entire curriculum is integrated, meaning that all subjects are viewed as related.

Homework is viewed as an extension of the work at school. Each assignment is based on individual needs and interests to foster the child’s natural desire to be challenged. Typically homework involves some reading, research and writing.


175The program also includes physical education, computer technology, foreign language, practical life, and social skills, and community service.



The Montessori elementary curriculum provides a non-competitive, intellectually and developmentally appropriate learning opportunity. Children are valued for their individuality and special gifts and talents. Through a culturally enriched curriculum, children take responsibility for exploring the universe and researching those areas of particular interest to them. The emphasis is on learning, not memorization.

Before and after school child care available. See Child Care section.

Upper Elementary Staff

Ruby Cossairt

Prior to becoming the Upper Elementary classroom head teacher, Ruby assisted in all elementary and middle school classrooms at the Montessori School of Ojai. Ruby attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Antioch University. She completed her Montessori teacher training under Dr. Victoria Matthews and received her elementary teacher training certificate through North American Montessori Center. Ruby attended the Montessori School of Ojai from the toddler room through sixth grade—her mother Liz has worked at the school Ruby’s entire lifetime.