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Infant Program

The Montessori School of Ojai (MSO) Infant Program is designed to nurture young children, while providing the physical, emotional, and intellectual stimulus to help them optimize their potential for learning and growth. The Infant Program is created to enhance each child’s development through the changes and new challenges they will experience throughout the year.

The focus of the infant environment is fostering basic trust in the child. The teachers’ response to the infants’ needs, both physical and psychological, conveys the message of safety and acceptance. As the child develops, enormous changes in the child’s ability, as well as an intense need to develop independence, demand a safe environment and an atmosphere that encourages and facilitates the transition from the dependent state of infancy.

The role of the parent remains paramount. Emphasis is placed on creating a trusting, collaborative relationship between the parents, extended family, and the MSO community.


Based upon the Montessori philosophy, the program incorporates practical life activities, manipulatives, math, language, art and music. Innovative materials utilized in the classroom were designed by Maria Montessori and other Montessori teachers to give babies and toddlers greater opportunities to explore the world safely, using their senses and learning through their experiences.


The Infant classroom includes curriculum developed specifically for the infants. In line with the Montessori emphasis on sensorial education for younger children, students have access to beautiful manipulative materials as an integral part of their curriculum. To foster the development of self-discipline, the classroom is orderly, and allows children freedom of movement and decision-making opportunities. Teachers encourage communication skills to assist the children in verbal expression.

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Before and after school child care available. See Child Care section.

Infant Staff

Micaela Clegg

Our students in the Infant Room are with Micaela Clegg. Born and raised in Ojai, Micaela attended UC Santa Barbara and has her BA in Psychology & with a minor in Education. She loves anything adventurous and outdoor related.  She also loves to craft, relax at the beach and stay active outside. Micaela and her husband, Jayden, currently have a daughter attending MSO.