Montessori School of Ojai




Janet Lindquist-Lang, Director

Elizabeth Cossairt, Assistant Director

Patrice Magill, Financial Administrator

Jody Warner, Child Care Administrator

Sara MacCracken, Development Director

Dr. Victoria Matthews, Consultant

Board of Directors

The Montessori School of Ojai is a non-profit public benefit corporation governed by a Board of Directors.  Their skills cover a wide variety of disciplines and interests in education.

Kathy Leary-Wilde, President

Eric Baldwin

Greg Theis

Tony Vacca

Jania Delgado

Elizabeth Cossairt

Janet Lindquist-Lang

Support Staff

Tiffany Gould, Office Manager

Emily Baker, Office Assistant

Patrice Magill, Financial Adminstrator

Stan Schneider, Maintenance Coordinator

Jania Delgado, Bookkeeping

Eugene Smiley, Grounds